Make Sure Your Project Is Built to Last

Trust our reliable landscape timber in Northport, AL

When you're looking to build a new addition in your yard, you want to make sure it'll stay in one piece. Getting sturdy landscape timber from Port 1 Landscape Supply LLC in Northport, AL is a perfect way to ensure this happens.

  • Garden beds
  • Walls
  • Fences
  • Sheds

In addition to our cross-ties, we also provide shredded pine mulch, pine straw, pine roles and wheat straw.

Ready to make sure your new project stands the test of time? Come to us for your landscape timber needs.

Pave the way with our landscape pavers

Interested in building some walkways or a new patio? Our landscape pavers will make sure they're durable while still looking stylish and professional.

We have several varieties of flagstone available, along with rubble ends and cobbles. Each choice is sure to make your new addition stand out. Plus, our birdbaths perfectly complement any of our landscape paver styles.

Call us today at 205-310-2200 to learn more about what type of paver will fit your style the best.